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Professional loft conversions across Surrey and West Sussex

If you’re in need of a complete, end-to-end loft conversion service, then you have come to the right place.

At Strictly Lofts, we have been providing our customers in Surrey and West Sussex  with the very best in loft conversion solutions for the last thirty years. From the moment we opened our doors in 1990 we have been building a solid reputation as the region’s premier provider of loft conversions, a reputation that we strive to maintain as the years go by. Whether you live in Purley, Reigate, Banstead, Horsham or beyond the team at Strictly Lofts is on hand to offer you a complete end-to-end loft conversion service that none of our competitors can hope to match.

front view of the lofted side

Loft conversions

Okay, so you want to have a loft conversion done. By instructing Strictly Lofts to deal with your project, you’ve already taken the first step towards an impeccable job, but there’s more to be done yet. First of all, you have to decide on the type of loft conversion that you’re interested in. Loft conversions tend to come in two ‘flavours’ – dormer and traditional. Dormer lofts are those ones you may have seen where the ceiling and walls of the loft extend out past the natural line of the original roof, creating a box-effect. Traditional loft conversions keep everything inside the existing confines of the roof space.

Each type has its own pros and cons, but you need to decide which you’re going for at the start of the process, as it’s difficult to change your mind part way through the process.

Traditional loft conversions are an ideal choice if you’re going to use the loft for recreational space rather than living space. A home office, a studio, a games room, or whatever else you have in mind. By using the existing line of the roof and walls as its boundaries, many find these conversions to restrictive in terms of head space to serve as a bedroom. However, as somewhere to chill out or do work it can serve very well, with the shorter areas of the loft acting as places for storage or seating.

If head room is the main disadvantage, it is overshadowed by the advantages. A traditional loft conversion is a lot cheaper and a lot quicker to complete than a dormer loft extension. With most of the structure already in place, it’s often just a question of maximising the space.

So how do we go about it?

Better by design

Every good loft conversion begins with a plan and, with experienced and qualified designers on our team, we can ensure that your initial design is a great one. We will sit you down to discuss what it is that you want from this loft conversion, before working out the best way to achieve it. From these first thoughts, our designer will put together a practical and eye-catching plan to turn your dream loft into a reality.

Making the most of things

With a traditional loft conversion, you’re restricted by the size and shape of the space underneath the roof. Sometimes this isn’t a problem, but every loft is different. If your roof is supported by vertical timbers, braced between ceiling and floor like Doric columns, then these can really get in the way of any dedicated loft conversion process. Fortunately, converting these supports to a truss support roof (wherein the timbers form a strong, sturdy, and reliable arch across the ceiling) is a simple and effective solution, and one that we are well-practised in.

This is also the point in conversion where we would put in any skylights to offer any additional light to the room.

Floors, walls, and doors

With a workable space on hand, it’s time to arrange the internal structure. A new floor is usually recommended, if only because of the extra weight and movement that the loft will be experiencing. If it’s a big loft that you want splitting into two or more rooms, then we can also knock up partition walls (and doors, of course) at this stage.

Finishing touches

Now that we’ve finished the overall structure is complete, all that remains is add on a few decorative touches like skirting boards and dado rails, and its ready to be papered or painted however you imagined. Our commitment to a complete end to end service does not end there. If you want us to leave your new loft conversion ready for immediate occupancy, we are happy to do a simple, but effective paint job for you.

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